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23 September 2022

Agile Vs Scrum | Difference | Comparison

Whether you are new to software development or have some expertise, you have probably heard of the words agile and scrum. While these two process management strategies have similar approaches, there are some critical differences to be aware of if you want to work in software development, project management, or both. It is useful to understand how each approach works in order to properly grasp agile vs scrum. But first what exactly do agile and scrum mean? In this article, you learn to better understand agile vs scrum methodology and more. 

What is Agile methodology?

An Agile methodology is a collaborative and flexible strategy used by teams to complete work more effectively. The commonly used management technique in software development is frequently a more natural way to keep cross-functional team members organized and on track. They utilize agile to work on several iterations of a project, which are subsequently prioritized based on end-user input. 

What is Scrum methodology?

A scrum is an agile approach that allows software development teams to focus on producing business value in the shortest amount of time by examining real functioning software swiftly and often. It emphasizes responsibility, cooperation, and incremental progress toward well-defined goals. Scrum framework often deals with the reality that needs are likely to change or are unknown at the start of a project. 

Agile Vs Scrum | Difference between Agile and Scrum:

  • Agile is a development methodology based on an iterative and incremental approach. Scrum is an agile approach implementation. In which incremental builds are delivered to the customer every two to three weeks time. 
  • Agile software development has been widely seen as highly suited to environments that have a small but expert project, development teams. Scrum is best employed in projects when the requirements change often.
  • In the agile process, leadership plays a vital role. Scrum fosters a self-organizing, cross-functional team. 
  • It is a more strict technique than scrum. So there is not much room for frequent changes. The biggest advantage of scrum is it's flexible as it quickly reacts to changes. 
  • Agile can require lots of upfront development processes and organizational change. Scrum is not too many changes needed while implementing the scrum process. 
  • Agile involves collaborations and face-to-face interaction between the members of various cross-functional teams. Collaboration is done in scrum through daily stand-up meetings in which the scrum master, product owner, and team members each have a set role
  • The agile method needs frequent delivery to the end users for their feedback. After each sprint in the scrum, a build is sent to the client for feedback.
  • Agile method, each step of development like requirements analysis, and design are continually monitored during the lifecycle. In scrum, a demonstration of functionality is provided at the end of every sprint. So that frequent input may be collected prior to the next 
  • Agile software is delivered and updated on a frequent basis. When the scrum team is done with the current sprint activities, the next sprint can be planned. 
  • The project head takes care of all the tasks in the agile method. While in a scrum, there is no team leader, so the entire team addresses the issue or problems. 
  • Design ad execution should be kept simple in the agile method. While the design and execution can be innovative and experimental. 
  • In the agile method, the priority is always to satisfy the customer by providing continuous delivery of valuable software.  Empirical process control is a core philosophy of scrum-based processes. 
  • The agile method encourages feedback during the process from the end user. As a result, the final product will be more helpful. While in scrum daily sprint meeting is conducted to review and feedback to decide the future progress of the project. 
  • Working software is the most basic indicator of progress. While in scrum working software is not an elementary measure. 
  • Agile is best to have face-to-face communication and techniques like these should be used to get as close to this goal as possible. The scrum team focuses to deliver maximum business value, from beginning early in the project and continuing throughout. 
Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on set the methodology Agile Vs Scrum then please ask us in the comment section below.   

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