4 July 2024

Chrome OS Vs Android OS | Difference | Comparison

Two operating systems from the same google are android OS and chrome OS. There are many questions, like why google released two operating systems, what the objective was, where chrome OS and Android OS are utilized, and how they vary. This page aims to display the difference between Chrome OS and Android OS to better understand about this topic. 

What is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS was developed by Google with an emphasis on computing simplicity. It primarily concentrates on the Chrome browser and gives priority to cloud-based apps and services. The Google Chrome web browser serves as the foundation for the main design. Python, Rust, HTML5, C, C++, and JavaScript were used to construct the software. Google released the initial edition of the operating system in 2009. Make use of a Chromebook, a kind of laptop.

What is Android OS?

One of the most popular smartphone operating systems worldwide is android OS, which is essentially a software bundle that consists of the operating system, middleware and essential apps. The number of android OS applications is rapidly growing, with over 1,50,000 now in circulation. The mobile operating system of android OS is built upon a modified Linux kernel. The software was first created by the 2003 founded android OS inc. but google later bought the developer in 2005, and the open handset alliance and google then collaborated to speed up the product's development. Numerous android OS updates and version releases have occurred since the android software was first introduced to the market. 

Chrome OS Vs Android OS | Difference between Chrome OS  and Android OS

1. Support

Android OS supports conventional applications of mobile devices. Chrome OS will only feature the web application. 

2. Applications

Chrome OS will only features the web applications. Android OS supports conventional applications of mobile devices.

3. Design

Chrome OS is designed specifically to work with the web applications on notebooks especially. Android OS is a software stack for mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

4. Company

Chrome OS will will only be provided for specific hardware provided by google manufacturing partners, on the other hand, Android OS is used by the different companies on their products. 

5. Version

Chrome OS is expected to be patched for improvement, so there will be no need to wait for the next version, while Android OS whose versions are released with additional applications. 

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