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15 August 2023

Difference between IoT and WoT

As IoT and WoT both refer to the unity of items and devices in our digital world, their scopes and points of focus differ. Let us discuss the difference between IoT and WoT with the help of the comparison given below.

What is IoT?

The term "Internet of Things" (IoT) refers to a network of actual physical objects or objects with software, sensors, and other technological components that enable online data collection and sharing. These things might include things we use on a daily basis including furniture, wearable electronics, industrial gear, vehicles, and more. IoT devices commonly interface with cloud-based servers to process and store data.

What is WoT?

WoT stands for Web of Things, it is an extension of IoT that places a focus on using web technologies to provide a more standardized and interoperable ecosystem for tying devices together.  By utilizing current web protocols and standards, the fundamental goal of WoT is to enable smooth communication and interaction between devices and services. The goal of the WoT method is to offer a uniform framework that makes it easier to create, integrate and administer a network of interconnected devices.

Difference between IoT and WoT

  • The term Internet of Things refers to the network of actual physical objects or things that have sensors, software, and connection built into them so they can gather and exchange data online.
  • Web of Things(WoT) is an extension of the Internet of Things(IoT) idea that emphasizes the use of web technology and standards to build a more unified and uniform environment.
  • IoT devices are frequently controlled by centralized platforms or cloud services and communicate utilizing a variety of communication protocols.
  • WoT aims to create a standardized framework for IoT devices and applications to communicate with each other and with web services.

Communication and Interoperability

  • IoT may use various communication protocols for data exchange. Interoperability 
  • WoT emphasizes the use of existing web standards, such as HTTP and WebSocket, for device communication.
Access and Control
  • Access and control of IoT devices often require specialized applications or platforms provided by device manufacturers.
  • The device in a WoT environment is accessible using standard web technologies. This means that devices can be accessed and controlled through a web browser.
Integration with the Web
  • IoT devices are often integrated into applications that are specific to their intended use cases, and these applications might not be directly connected to the broader web ecosystem.
  • WoT integrates devices into the larger web ecosystem. Devices are treated as resources that can be linked, discovered, and interacted with using URLs.
  • IoT space, the ecosystem is sometimes characterized by a lack of standardization, which could cause compatibility and interoperability problems.
  • By utilizing current web standards, WoT seeks to standardize device interaction and communication while minimizing ecosystem fragmentation.
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