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9 January 2023

Difference Between Data Warehouse and Data Mart

The main difference between a data warehouse and a data mart is that a data warehouse is a type of database that is data oriented in nature. While data mart is a type of database that is project-oriented in nature. Let us discuss some more differences between Data Warehouse and Data Mart with the help of the comparison given below.

What is a Data warehouse?

In order to offer useful business insights, a data warehouse gathers and handles data from many sources. It is a database that supports the company's decision-making and is independent of the operational systems. Data is kept in a data warehouse using a historical lens. The warehouse data comes from a variety of functional divisions. After being examined and purified, it is subsequently with the data warehouse system.  An extremely fast computer system with a lot of storage was employed by the data warehouse. This tool can respond to any complicated data-related inquiries.

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What is Data mart?

A data warehouse can be expressed simply as data. It focuses on only one thing. Only a few sources are used by data mart to gather its data. These sources might be an internal operating system, a central data warehouse, or external data sources. An index and extraction system is a data mart. This part of a data warehouse is crucial. It is subject focused and created with a particular user demographic in mind. Data marts are quick and simple to use when compared to data warehouses since they employ modest quantities of data. 

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Difference between data warehouse and data mart:

  • The data warehouse is a centralized system. While Data mart is a decentralized system.
  • In data warehouses, light denormalization takes place. While in a data mart, high denormalization takes place.
  • A data warehouse is a top-down model. Data mart, however, uses a bottom-up approach.
  • Building a warehouse is difficult. While to built a data mart is easy.
  • Data warehouse and fact constellation schema is used. While in a data mart, star schema and snowflake schema are used.
  • The data warehouse is flexible. While data mart is not flexible.
  • The data warehouse is data-oriented in nature. Data mart, meanwhile, is more project-focused.
  • A data warehouse has a long life. While data mart has short life than the warehouse.
  • A data warehouse is vast in size. While a data mart is smaller than a warehouse.
  • In a data warehouse, data are contained in a detailed form. While in a data mart, data are contained in summarized form.
  • Data warehouses collect data from various data sources. While data mart generally stores data from a data warehouse. 
  • In data ware, long time for processing the data because of large data. While in a data mart less time for processing the data because of handling only a small amount of data.
  • A data warehouse is a complicated design process of creating schemas and views. While in data mart is an easy design process of creating schemas and views. 
  • Data warehouse helps to take a strategic decision. While in data mart helps to take tactical decisions for the business.
  • The main objective of a data warehouse is to provide an integrated environment and a coherent picture of the business at a point in time. A data mart is mostly used in the business divisions at the department level.
  • Data warehousing includes a large area of the corporation which is why it takes a long time to process it. Data marts are easy to use, design, and implement as they can only handle small amounts of data. 
  • The size of the data warehouse may range from 100 Gb to 1 TB+. The size of the data mart is less than 100GB. 
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