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2 January 2023

Treeset Vs Treemap | Difference | Comparison

The primary difference between treemaps and trees is that one implements the map interface, whilst the other implements the set interface. Between treemaps and trees, there are some parallels and a few differences. In this session, we will first look at the similarities between treemaps and trees before teaching you about some of the contrasts.  Let us discuss the difference of Treeset vs Treemap with the help of the comparison given below.

What is a tree set?

A class that implements the set interface is called a tree set. The tree set keeps its distinctive components. The Navigableset interface is implemented by a tree set. The sorted set, collection and iterable interfaces are all extended in a hierarchical manner by the navigable interface. The component is kept in ascending order in a tree set. The tree set will store them as A, B, or C if the order insertion is A, C, or B. There is a technique of tree set.

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What is a treemap?

A class called treemap implement the map interface. Key value pairs are supported by Map. Every key value combination represents an entry. Each key-value combination represents an entry. Each key is distinct and corresponds to a certain value. A specific key may be located using the content key method, and a specific value can be located using the contains value method. The value matching the supplied key is located using the get method. A value is stored using the put method and the supplied key. Using the removing technique, it is also feasible to eliminate an element at a certain key. There are a few typical map interface techniques. Searching, adding and removing things depending on the key is helpful. The navigable map is implemented by the treemap class. 

Tree set Vs Treemap | Difference between Treeset and treemap:

  • Tree set implements Mortensen in Java. While treemap implements a map interface in Java.
  • Trees stored a single object in Java, While treemap stores two objects one key and one value.
  • Trees do not allow duplication objects in the java. Treemap in Java allows duplication of values.
  • Treeset implement navigableset in java. Treemap implement navigablemap in java.
  • The tree set is sorted based on the object. While treemap is sorted based on keys.

Similarities between tree set and treemap in Java:

  • Both treemaps and trees belong to Java until the package.
  • They do not allow null values.
  • Both are part of the Java collection framework.
  • Both are sorted. Sorted order can be naturally sorted order defined by the Comparable interface or custom sorted order defined by the comparator interface.
  • Both tree sets and tree maps internally use red-black trees.
  • They are not synchronized and they are not used in concurrent applications.
  • Both provide O(log(n)) time complexity for any operation like put, get, contain key remove.
Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on the difference between Treeset and Treemap then please ask us in the comment section below.

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