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31 January 2023

Web application Vs Desktop application

Web applications are programs that may be used online and are accessed using a web browser. Typically, they are created using a programming language like HTML, javascript, or CSS. Apps that are installed and executed on a user's computer are called desktop applications. Typically they are created using a compiled language like C++ or Java. Let us discuss some more differences between Web Application Vs Desktop Application with the help of the comparison given below.

What is a web application?

An application that is set up and installed on a distant server and whose services can be accessed through a browser and network connection is known as a web app or web service. These programs are designed to operate in browsers and don't need to be installed on the actual computer. For instance, users may access google docs from their browser and write documents there without having to install the program on their device. 

What is a desktop application?

A desktop application is a piece of software designed to work both with and without a browser on a computer system. Users must download its packages and install them on their computers before they can utilize these solutions. Microsoft word, excel, games, windows media player and other programs are a few examples. Each of these programs needs some primary memory storage space to function. 

Web application Vs Desktop application

  • The web application is deployed and gradation for a web-based application requires deployment on a single set of server machines. Deployment and up gradation/patching are done on individual client machines separately.
  • Web applications can be accessed from anywhere, so there is no location constraint. As desktop applications are confined to a standalone machine, so they can be only accessed from the machine they are deployed in.
  • Web applications are platform-independent they can work on different types of platforms with the only requirement of a web browser. Desktop apps must be created independently for each platform computer.
  • Because they are built from the ground up to promote accessibility, web apps pose more security vulnerabilities. On the other hand, desktop applications are more secure since administrators have more control and better authorization. 
  • Web applications rely heavily on internet connectivity for their operation. Desktop programs can function without an internet connection. Some applications just require internet connectivity at the time of updations.
Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on the difference between Web Application and Desktop Application then please ask us in the comment section below.

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