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5 February 2023

Difference Between Masons and Freemasons

Masons belong to fraternal organizations that have their roots in the customs of stonemasonry, which makes them different from freemasons. These groups emphasize moral principles and personal growth, and they impart lessons in self-improvement and altruism via the symbolism and ritual of stonemasonry. Let us discuss some more differences between Masons and Freemasons with the help of the comparison given below.

What are freemasons?

Members of fraternal groups with roots in the practices of stonemasonry are known as freemasons. The history and customs of stonemasonry are given higher importance in these groups, knowns as craft lodges, and there is frequently a more organized curriculum for learning about these customs.

What are freemasons?

Members of fraternal organizations with origins in the history of stonemasonry include masons. These groups often known as blue lodges emphasize moral principles and personal growth. They do this by using the symbolism and ritual of stonemasonry to impart teaching in self-improvement and altruism. Unlike some other fraternal organizations, masons membership standards may be more flexible and inclusive for both men and women. Masons could have a more dispersed organizational structure and engage in a wider variety of activities and charitable endeavors. 

Difference between Masons and Freemasons

  • Masons belong to blue lodges, which emphasize moral and personal growth, whereas freemasons belong to craft lodges, which lay a stronger emphasis on the heritage and customs of stonemasonry.
  • Mansons may be male or female while freemasons are traditionally male.
  • Mansons are typically more open and inclusive while freemasons may have stricter requirements for membership and a more hierarchical structure.
  • Mansons could engage in a wider variety of pursuits including charitable work. On the other hand, the focus of Freemasons may be more on rituals and ceremonies.
  • Stonemasonry's symbolism and ritual are used by Mansons to impart teachings of self-improvement and altruism. While freemasons use these same symbols and rituals to teach lessons about moral values and personal development, with emphasis on the historical and cultural aspects of the craft.
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