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31 October 2023

LLC Vs LLP | Difference between LLC and LLP

Regarding LLC vs LLP, there are some significant variations. The differences are in the obligations for liability insurance, management requirements, liability protections, and tax benefits, despite the fact that both are provided limited liability protection and do not directly pay income taxes.

What is LLC?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a type of corporate leadership organization that was developed legally. Members who are the owners of an LLC are given personal liability protection, which prevents their private assets from being used in the company's legal actions or debt collection efforts.

What is LLP?

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a type of company agreement that protects business partners from personal liability. LLPs are frequently formed by professional enterprises like law firms, accountancy firms, or medical offices. State regulations differ greatly when it comes to LLPs, although they typically limit LLPs to licensed professionals like doctors, dentists, accountants, and lawyers.

LLC Vs LLP | Difference between LLC and LLP

  • LLC stands for limited liability company, and LLP stands for limited liability partnership.
  • LLC is suitable for single or multi-owner, and LLP is only for multi-owner businesses.
  • LLC is member management or manager-managed, and LLP is managed by partners.
  • LLC can be owned by individual entities, or foreigners, on the other hand, LLP is owned by licensed professionals.
  • LLC is limited personal liability, exceptions apply, on the other hand, LLP is limited personal liability, shields from partners.
  • LLC is generally perpetual, Whereas LLP duration defined may need renewal.
  • LLCs pass through but can opt for a corporation, Whereas LLP defaults as pass-through entities.
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