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10 February 2024

Super Computer Vs Quantum Computer | Difference | Comparison

Supercomputers and quantum computers are powerful instruments for performing complex calculations, problem-solving, and data analysis. In this article, we will discuss the difference between supercomputers and quantum computers to better understand both of these.

What is Supercomputer?

Seymour Cray and Boris Babayan invented the first supercomputer, known as the CDC 6600, in 1964.  A supercomputer is a sort of computer with a computational speed that is a thousand times faster than the personal computers we use at home. It can complete even the most complex jobs in a matter of seconds, whereas traditional computers would take much longer.  Supercomputers are the greatest choice for scientific and engineering applications due to their extremely fast processing speeds and power.

What is Quantum Computer?

A quantum computer is a device that does calculations and stores data using the principles of quantum physics. It may handle difficult computational problems more efficiently than traditional computers. Quantum computers use quantum digits(QUBITS) instead of binary digits or bits(0,1). A QUBIT can hold many values at once.  Quantum computers are completely different from traditional computers and they are better than even the most powerful supercomputers. Quantum computers are widely used in several fields of technology and science, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, solar capture, weather forecasting, drug development, and so on. 

Super Computer Vs Quantum Computer 

Physical size

Supercomputers are larger in size, while quantum computers are smaller in size.


Supercomputers are slower than quantum computers quantum computers are faster than supercomputers.

Performance criteria

Supercomputers perform the computation by using classical physics, but quantum computers perform the computation by using quantum mechanics.

Operational techniques

Supercomputers use classical bits, but the quantum computers use qubits or quantum bits.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption is very high due to a large number of components, while quantum computers use energy-efficient algorithms.


A Supercomputer is focused on solving problems with existing problems with existing algorithms and optimization techniques, and Quatam computers are focused on developing new algorithms and optimization techniques.


Supercomputers have a finite input-output range, and quantum computers have an unbounded input-output range


Supercomputers are relatively stable and have well-established technology, quantum computers are a new and rapidly evolving technology.


Supercomputers can be upgraded incrementally, but quantum computers require major technological advancement for improvement.


Supercomputers process the data sequentially, but quantum computers leverage quantum parallelism.

Cooling requirement

Supercomputers require extensive cooling, and relatively low temperatures are required for quantum computers.


Supercomputers are designed for diverse applications, and Quantum computers are specialized for specific tasks.


Supercomputers are limited by physical constraints such as heat dissipation and power consumption, in contrast, quantum computers are limited by qubit coherence and error rates.


Supercomputers have limited scalability, whereas quantum computers are potentially scalable.

Computational algorithms

Supercomputers use deterministic algorithms for computation, in contrast, quantum computers use probabilistic algorithms for computation.

Real-time data analysis

Supercomputers can be used for real-time data analysis and processing, In contrast, quantum computers are currently not suitable for real-time applications.

Data security

Supercomputers have a limited impact on data security, whereas quantum computers have the potential to revolutionize data security.


Supercomputers have a large physical footprint, and quantum computers have a small physical footprint.


Supercomputers can use the multiple levels of memory hierarchy to optimize performance, but quantum computers have limited memory and need more approaches for data storage.


Easy to understand the program of supercomputers, while requiring quantum-specific programming for quantum computers.


Supercomputers are relatively lower cost, while quantum computers are higher in cost.

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