5 July 2024

Artificial intelligence Vs Human Intelligence | Difference | Comparison

Both AI and HI can learn and improve over time, It both can be used to solve complex problem and make decision. Numerous industries, including healthcare, retail, transportation, and banking, could be completely transformed by Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence, because they provide insights and automate decision making processes. 

In this blog post, we will learn Difference between Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence. But before learning the differences, let first have brief introduction of artificial intelligence and human intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ?

The basis of artificial intelligence(AI) is human insight that can be applied to make decisions that allow machines to perform activities, no matter how complicated or basic, with ease, learning, problem solving, observation and reasoning are the cause of fake insights. This word can be applied to any machines that demonstrate cognitive functions of a human, like analysis and decision making and that increases productivity. AI includes tasks in facial recognition, scheduling, robotics, control system, data mining and many more areas. 

What is Human Intelligence (HI) ?

Human intelligence, or conduct is derived from previous interactions and actions taken in response to circumstances and surrounding. And it all depends on our capacity to change our environment through the knowledge we have acquired. Human intelligence provides many types of information. It offer information on items pertaining to a certain skill and expertise, which can be another human subject. or in the case of locators and spies, diplomatic information that they needed to access. After all is said and done. It can provide information on connections to society and interest groups.

Artificial intelligence Vs Human Intelligence | Difference | Comparison

1. Evolution

Norbert Wiener, who hypothesized critique mechanisms, is credited with making a significant early contribution to the development of artificial intelligence(AI), While the cognitive abilities to think, reason, evaluate and so on are built into human beings by their very nature. 

2. Creativity

AI can create novel approaches using existing trends and data but lacks inherent innovation and originality, whereas Using innovative thinking and creativity, human intelligence can create fresh concepts, literature, music and art.

3. Decision Making

AI interprets according to completely collected data, which makes it strongly objective in decision making, but the human decisions can be subject to subjective factors not based solely on data. 

4. Essence

The goal of artificial intelligence(AI) is to create computers that are able to behave like humans and complete jobs that humans would normally do. But the purpose of human intelligence is to combine a range of cognitive activities in order to adapt to new circumstances. 

5. Functionality

The processing of data and commands is essential to the operation of AI powered devices, but the human intelligence people make use of memory, processing capabilities, and cognitive talents that their brains provide. 

6. Operation

Artificial intelligence improves the overall performance of the system. It is impossible for it to be creative or inventive since robots cannot think in the same way that people can. But the Human intelligence might be described as inventive or creative. 

7. Social networking

Artificial intelligence has not yet mastered the ability to pick up on associated social and enthusiastic indicators, Human are superior to other social animals in terms of their ability to assimilate theoretical facts, their level of self awareness and their level of self awareness, and their sensitivity to the emotions of others. This is because people are social creatures. 

8. Adaptability

AI can quickly adapt to new data and situations, Human intelligence can adapt to new situations, learn from experience, and make decisions based on context. 

9. Nature

Artificial intelligence uses digital machines, Human intelligence is analogous. 

10. Versatility

AI can as it were perform fewer assignments at the same time as a framework can as it were learn duties one at a time. But the human judgment skills underpin multitasking as proven by differing and concurrent roles. 

11. Energy use

In AI modern day computer use around 2 watts of energy, The human brain use around 25 watts of energy. 

12. Speed

AI can process data and perform tasks much faster than humans, but the Human intelligence is slower than AI in processing large amount of data, but can make complex decision quickly.

13. Emotions

AI is lacks of emotions and empathy, Human intelligence is capable of feeling emotions and empathy. 

14. Physical limitation

AI does not have physical limitations, can operate 24/7. But the human intelligence is limited by physical capabilities and requires rest and maintenance. 

15. Ethics

AI does not have a moral code or conscience, Human intelligence has a moral code and conscience that guides decision making. 

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