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18 July 2022

Python Vs JavaScript | Difference | Comparison

Python is a high-level interpreted programming language with dynamic semantics and object-oriented programming that is supposed to be simple to understand and implement. It is a programming language similar to Perl/ruby that is also used to create web applications. JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that has been standardized in the ECMAScript language specification and allows you to construct dynamic web pages. JavaScript support object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming paradigms but not procedural programming. Let us debate Python Vs JavaScript and understand more about it. 

What is Python?

A high-level, interpreted programming language is called python.In 1991, Guido van Rossum invented it.. Python is an object-oriented programming language with extensive library support. Which makes it simple to construct different applications and algorithms. Its language elements and object-oriented methodology are intended to assist programmers in creating logical, unambiguous code for a variety of tasks.

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What is Java Script?

JavaScript is sometimes also called JS. It is the object-oriented programming language that is commonly used to create dynamic web pages. The ECMAScript language definition specifies it. Aside from OOP, JS supports two further programming paradigms: functional and imperative. JS is generally utilized within a web browser to provide dynamic features that CSS and HTML  cannot provide. JavaScript also allows you to create basic web apps using data, text, and regular expressions.

Python vs JavaScript | Difference between python vs JavaScript:

  • Python is a high-level general-purpose interpreted programming language that has been developed to emphasize code readability. Programming language JavaScript complies with the ECMAScript specification.
  • Python is a scripting language used for developing both desktop and web applications. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language.
  • Python uses a class-based inheritance model. While JavaScript uses a prototype inheritance model.
  • list, set, dict are mutable while int, bool, and Unicode are immutable in python. In JavaScript, only objects and arrays are changeable.
  • Python an exception is raised when the function is called with the wrong parameters. while JavaScript does not care about whether the function is called with a correct parameter or not. 
  • Python has a comprehensive standard library. JavaScript has a limited set of utility objects.
  • Python source code is always ASCII unless another encoding option is specified. While JavaScript should be encoded as UTF-16 and no built-in support for manipulating raw bytes.
  • Python has built-in a hash table called dictionaries set etc which can be used in hashing with keys and values. JavaScript doesn't support hash tables by default.
  • JavaScript lacks a built-in REPL, although Python does.
  • Compared to JavaScript, Python is simpler to learn and use.
  • In comparison to JavaScript this year, Python is easier to acquire new employment.
  • Python uses a more conservative programming paradigm similar to C, C++, and java. While  JavaScript is a language of the web browser and one of the easiest to use. 
  • Python is strongly typed, with no implicit type conversion, whereas JavaScript is loosely typed.
  • Python supports procedural programming, while JavaScript does not.
  • Python is slower to execute than JavaScript.
  • With minor changes, python and JavaScript both employ a lexical scope.
  • To define a variable in python, we write the variable name followed by an equal sign(=) and the value that will be allocated to the variable. In JavaScript, the syntax is quite similar, but we only need to add the term var before the variable name ad concludes the line with a semicolon(;).
  • Compared to JavaScript, Python is easier to maintain and has a superior design.
  • JavaScript lacks the numerous libraries that Python provides for machine learning, data analytics, and scientific computing.
  • Python uses self-argument as the first parameter to each method. but JavaScript uses "this" to access the object.
  • Python is better for data analytics, machine learning, and math-intensive procedures. But javascript is better for constructing a website or native applications since it requires less time for UI work.
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