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18 August 2022

Java Vs Kotlin | Difference | Comparison

Programming which supports objects, Like java and kotlin. However, each has a different function. Java is mostly used to create corporate apps, kotlin is utilized to create android applications. The difference between java and kotlin has been covered in this section. Let us debate Java Vs Kotlin to better understand more about it.  

What is Java?

An object-oriented programming language called java features a virtual machine platform that enables you to generate applications that can run on almost every platform. the slogan of java was written once, run anywhere.

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What is Kotlin?

Koltin is a general-purpose, cross-platform programming language featuring type interference and statically typed data structure. Although KOTLIN's syntax can be more compact because to type interference. It is nevertheless meant to fully interact with java. Through the Kotlin foundation.

Java Vs Kotlin | Difference between Java and Kotlin:

  • In the java Extension function, need to create a class. While kotlin extension function is already available. 
  • Null safety is not available in java. While kotlin null safety is available.
  • Static members are available in java. There isn't a static member for a class in Kotlin.
  • Java supports wildcard types. Kotlin does not support wildcard types.
  • Operators are tied to particular java types. Kotlin allows users to provide a way to invoke the function.
  • No checked exception is problematic in java. Kotlin removed exceptions entirely.
  • String templates are available in java too but it doesn't support expressions like kotlin. In Kotlin, there are two different kinds of string literals.
  • Java constructor can be used to take parameters to initialize attributes. while kotlin has a primary constructor and a secondary constructor. 
  • Java is another kind of reference type related to the basic concept of class. Kotlin gives nullability support, type interference, and universal guards. 
  • Java is the product of oracle corporation. While kotlin is a product of JetBrains.
  • Java uses the extension. .java(for source file), .class(for class file), .jar(for archived file). Kotlin uses the extension: .kt(for kotlin source file), .kts(for kotlin script file), .ktm(for kotlin module). 
  • In Java, the code is not concise in comparison to kotlin. kotlin reduces the boilerplate code. 
  • In java, the line code is just double that kotlin. Kotlin reduces the line of code to half.
  • Java provides a very large community. Kotlin community is not so huge as java. 
  • We must recognize and carry out the casting in Java. As a smart cast supporter, Kotlin automatically detects the immutable type and executes implicit casting.
  • Java compilation time is pretty fast. kotlin compilation time is slow in comparison to java. 
  • Java is used to develop stand-alone applications and enterprise applications. While kotlin is used to develop server-side applications and android application development. 

Despite all of their differences, java and kotlin are completely compatible with one another. Both java and kotlin have the ability to invoke other language codes. Thus a project may have both kotlin and java classes side by side and still build everything.

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Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on Java Vs Kotlin then please ask us in the comment section below.

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