22 November 2022

Normalization vs Denormalization | Difference | Comparison

One of the most significant differences between the two systems is that Normalization is the process of organizing the column(attributes) and tables(relation) of the relational database to minimize data redundancy. Denormalization on the other hand is the process of optimizing database tables by adding redundant data. But first, what exactly do Normalization and Denormalization doIn this article, we'll compare and discuss the key differences between the two methods Normalization and Denormalization. 

What is Normalization?

Normalization is the process of reducing data redundancy and inconsistency in a database table. It is the method of storing non-redundancy and consistent data in the set schema. The number of tables is increased rather than decreased when using Normalization.

What is Denormalization?

Denormalization is another strategy used in databases. It is used to increase redundancy so that the query may be executed rapidly. It is a technique for quickly executing queries by combining data. In contrast to normalization, denormalization reduces the number of tables. 

Normalization Vs Denormalization:

  • In normalization, data redundancy and inconsistency are reduced. While in denormalization, redundancy is added for quick execution of quires.
  • Data integrity is maintained in normalization. Denormalization compromises data integrity.
  • In normalization, redundancy is reduced or eliminated. Denormalization adds redundancy. 
  • The number of tables in normalization is increased. Denormalization, the number of tables decreased.
  • Normalization optimizes the use of disk spaces. Denormalization has no effect on disc space optimization.
  • Normalization is used in databases to remove redundant data and store non-redundant and consistent data. Denormalization is the process of combining data from numerous tables into one so that it may be queried rapidly. 
  • Normalization mainly focuses on clearing the database of unused data and reducing data redundancy and inconsistency. Denormalization on the other hand to achieve the faster execution of the queries by introducing redundancy. 
  • Normalization uses optimized memory and hence is faster in performance. On the other hand, denormalization introduces some sort of wastage of memory. 
  • Normalization is generally used where the number of insert/update/delete operations are performed and joins of those tables are not expensive. While denormalization is used where joins are expensive and frequent query is executed on the tables. 
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