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18 November 2022

RDBMS Vs OODBMS | Difference | Comparison

The main difference between RDBMS and OODBMS is that RDBMS is a relational database management system, whereas OODBMS is an object-oriented database management system that allows for the creation and modelling of data as objects. You can check out the RDBMS Vs OODBMS in detail below. 

What is RDBMS?

A Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) is a more advanced DBMS system. It first appeared in the 1970s. RDBMS systems also enable organizations to access data more effectively than DBMS systems. RDBMS is a software system that only store data that must be recorded in the form of tables. Data is managed and stored in rows and columns knowns as tuples and attributes in this type of system. RDBMS is a powerful data management system that is widely used worldwide.

What is OODBMS?

Object-Oriented Database Management System(OODBMS). It is a DBMS in which data is data is represented as objects, as in object-oriented programming. Object-oriented concepts such as classes of objects, object identity, polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance are implemented in OODB. When compared to a relational database, an object-oriented database contains more sophisticated data. Versant object database, objectivity/DB, object store, cache, and ZODB are some instances of OODBMS.

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RDBMS Vs OODBMS | Difference between RDBMS and OODBMS:

  • RDBMS stands for Relational database management system. OODBMS is known as an Object-Oriented Database Management System.
  • RDBMS stores data in entities known as tables, which contain specific information. While OODBMS stores data objects.
  • RDBMS handles Comparatively simpler data. RDBMS cannot handle larger and more complex data sets than OODBMS.
  • RDBMS entity types refer to the collection of entities that share a common definition. OODBMS class describes a group of objects that have common relationships, and behaviors and also have similar properties,
  • RDBMS stores only data. OODBMS stores data as well as methods to use it.
  • RDBMS is a data independence-form application program. OODBMS is data encapsulation.
  • RDBMS stores only data. OODBMS is data encapsulation.
  • RDBMS a primary key distinctively identifies an object in a table. OODBMS an object identifier(OID) is an unambiguous long-term name for any type of object or entity.
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