14 November 2022

NPV Vs DCF | Difference | Comparison

The concept of NPV and DCF have to do with investing. NPV stands for net present value and DCF is for discounted cash flow. The net present value can also be called the difference between the present value of cash inflow and cash outflow While DCF is the present value of future cash flow. It is the main difference between them. But first, what exactly do NPV and DCF doIn this article, we'll compare and discuss the key differences between the two methods NPV Vs DCF. 

What is NPV?

The difference between the current worth and the money coming in and going out over time is called net present value(NPV). NPV is useful for budget analysis and investment is chosen based on the merit of a project or an investment. A positive net present indicates a profitable investment. A positive NPV indicates that the return on the current investment will be greater than the costs predicted. Net loss indicates a negative NPV. 

What is DCF?

The Discounted cash flow method(DCF) is a way to estimate the value of an investment based on expected future cash flows. The analysis can be used in any situation. The investor makes a current payment with the expectation of making a future profit. The investment's value is predicted by the future cash flow it will produce, according to the DCF analysis. 

NPV Vs DCF | Difference between NPV and DCF:

  • Net present value, or NPV, denotes the cash flow's current value. DCF helps in calculating the investment's value.
  • The difference between the current cash inflow and outflow is the net present value. To determine the attraction of an investment opportunity, the DCF required analysis.
  • NPV predicts the future value of a business or investment based on the value of money. The DCF analysis determines the investment needed to produce the desired results.
  • NPV compares the value of a current investment to its value in the future. DCF offers assistance in determining the funding's ultimate value.
  • After beginning expenditures are subtracted, the NPV indicates the net return. The value of the business is calculated using the  DCF formula.
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