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8 March 2023

Difference Between OMR and OCR

The difference between OMR and OCR is that OMR stands for optical mark recognition, which is used to read check and bubble marks on paper, typically in exams and surveys, while OCR stands for optical character recognition, which read characters from documents and collects them to create machine coded language for editing. You can check out the difference between OMR and OCR in this article below. 

What is OMR?

OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition( is also called Optical Mark Reading). It is computer software. It extracts information from various documents marked by humans. The multiple choice questions, questionnaires, exams, etc are read by focusing on the lines or shaded areas on the papers. In order to correct bubble-based school grading forms, a bulky OMR scanner machine was created in the 1970s. Since then, massive OMR machines have been employed globally. 

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It converts printed text into scanned images using a scanner and specialized software. The converted scanned images are unique in that they can be edited in the word processing software. OCR offers flexibility because timing blocks or tracks are not present. It makes use of the registration marks at the four corners of the documents to identify an image. On this form, respondents enter one character in each box.

OMR Vs OCR | Difference between OMR and OCR

  • OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader or Optical Mark Recognition. OCR stands for Optical Character Reader or Optical Character Recognition.
  • OCR is a little more challenging to implement than OMR.
  • OMR storing documents is not possible, while OCR allows storing documents.
  • OMR is used to process data from printed forms. OCR is used for scanning and converting different types of documents.
  • OMR provides more accuracy as compared to OCR. OCR accuracy level is good.
  • OMR is easy to implement. While OCR is hard to implement compared to OMR.
  • OMR was first used in 1857 in telegraphs. OCR was first used in 1914 to help blind people with reading.
  • OMR required timing tracks and OCR does not require timing tracks.
  • OMR is useful in grading, calculating marks, etc. It is a rapid method of data entry. While OCR is visually impaired people find it useful. The text-to-speech can be used by them.
  • OMR application is in surveys, answer sheets, questionnaires, and ballots. The OCR application is in google books, bank statements, business documents, etc.
  • OMR does not require an advanced level recognition engine when compared to OCR. OCR is an advanced recognition engine that is needed for OCR compared to OMR.
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