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15 March 2023

OCR vs MICR | Difference | Comparison

OCR and MICR are two different types of input devices that use character recognition technologies to transform printed data into digital signals that a computer can process. OCR and MICR are fundamentally different from one another because OCR(Optical character recognition) uses optical effects to recognize characters while MICR(Magnetic ink character recognition) uses magnetic effects. Let us discuss some more differences between OCR Vs MICR with the help of the comparison given below.

What is MICR? 

The character scanning technology knowns as MICR(Magnetic ink Character Recognition) also uses special characters and magnetic ink. A MICR document is scanned using a specialized scanner that magnetizes the unique ink before translating the magnetic data into characters. The banking systems make use of this technology to quickly process lots of checks. MICR as its name suggests ink and unique characters to recognize characters. Using magnetic effects a MICR scanner magnetizes the special ink before converting the data into characters. However, the MICR only recognizes unique fronts like E138 and CMC7.

What is OCR?

Optical character recognition is known as OCR. Using a scanner and specialized software, printed text is transformed into scanned images. Because they can be edited in word processing software, the converted scanned images are distinctive. Because there are no timing blocks or tracks, OCR offers flexibility. To identify an image, it makes use of the registration marks on the four corners of the documents. Respondents fill out this form by entering one character in each box.

OCR Vs MICR | Difference between OCR and MICR

  • OCR stands for optical character reader, While MICR stands for magnetic ink character reader.
  • OCR works with any format of the document, whereas MICR works with a specific format of the document.
  • The accuracy of OCR is never completely a hundred percent and its accuracy increases with technological improvement, On the other hand, the accuracy of MICR is always a hundred percent as it deals with the official document.
  • OCR can scan any variety of ink, but MICR only scans that are made with iron oxide.
  • OCR can support any type of font, whereas MICR can only support some predefined fonts such as E-138.
  • OCR can support any typeface with the right software, however, MICR typeface is limited to only 14 characters which include 0-9 and special symbols.
  • OCK inks can be magnetic in nature. While MICR inks are especially magnetic in nature.
  • OCR uses artificial intelligence to recognize the text, whereas MICR does not use artificial intelligence to recognize the text.
  • OCR may require high speed but a secure method is not always the case, while MICR requires a high speed and secure method to scan and process the information.
  • The OCR applications include a wide range of purposes such as recognition of text in images, scanning the written text from any file format, recognition of text from the number plate of the car, etc, MICR applications include particularly prevention of fraud particularly checks that may use MICR flight tickets.
  • The data from the OCR are less reliable, but the data from the MICR are more reliable.
  • The OCR deals with complicated text and symbol and thus are less accurate but more useful, While the MICR deal with pre-decided text and therefore is more accurate.
  • OCR uses light to read the character from the text, but MICR uses magnetism to read the character from the text.
  • OCR can scan handwritten texts, and MICR cannot scan handwritten texts.
  • The data from the OCR are less reliable but the data from the MICR is more reliable.
  • The OCR scanned data can be used for editing and printing such as scanning text from books and reusing it, whereas the MICR scanned data are used in the banks to recognize the information on checks and demands.
  • OCR is used for editing and printing, However, MICR is used for processing the cheques.
  • OCR required software that is able to recognize the text, while MICR requires specialized hardware programmed with some instructions to read the text.
Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on the difference between OCR and MICR then please ask us in the comment section below.

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