26 April 2023

Autocracy Vs Dictatorship | Difference | Comparison

Autocracy is a kind of governance in which one person has absolute authority and is not bound by the law in making decisions. Whereas a dictatorship is a system of government where one person has total authority. Let us discuss some more differences between Autocracy Vs Dictatorship with the help of the comparison given below.

Autocracy Vs Dictatorship | Difference between Autocracy and Dictatorship

  1. Autocracy is centralized, it is almost no government factions. While Dictatorship is acquired power by force, fraud, coercion, and terror.
  2. Autocracies can exist in monarchies and other forms of government. While a dictatorship need not be headed by a king.
  3. The supreme power is concentrated in the hands of a single person, whose decisions are unrestricted by the rule of law.  The dictator exercises absolute authority.
  4. An autocrat lacks charisma, which probably keeps him from making bold choices. Additionally, a dictator may harm anyone who defies him.
  5. Autocracy is a system in which one person rules the entire nation. While dictatorship is one person ruling the entire nation.
  6. Autocracy is considered less evil, and Dictatorship has a negative implication.
  7. Autocrat refrains from taking extreme decisions which could hurt his people, while a Dictator does worry about the consequences of his decisions on the people.
  8. Autocracy is always the rule of an individual person, in the system of government. Whereas dictatorship could be a rule of a particular party or class or a single party.
  9. Autocrats used different methods to rule and control their country and the people in it. Dictatorship is when a party or person rules a country and its resources.
  10. The political system in an autocracy is run by only one person, which makes all the decisions, and no one can question them. The political system in a dictatorship is ruled by one person or group of people which is exercised through a different mechanism.
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