25 May 2023

Democracy Vs Autocracy | Difference | Comparison

Let us discuss some more differences between Democracy Vs Autocracy with the help of the comparison given below.

Democracy Vs Autocracy | Difference between Democracy and Autocracy

  • Democracy is a form of Greek, Demos means people and Kratos means power or authority. While Autocracy from Greek, auto means self and self Kratos means power or authority.
  • Autocracy is when one person or group controls all the power without the participation, or sometimes even the agreement, of the people. Democracy is when the power and strength of the government are given to it by the people. 
  • Democracy is identified in the country's constitution and created by laws. Autocracy is determined by a person or group in authority, and it can vary depending on factors like religion, sex, status, and other factors.
  • Examples of democracies include the United States, Iraq, England, Poland, and Italy; autocracies include Cuba; dictatorships are run by a single person in Denmark; monarchies are ruled by kings in Iran; religious dictatorships include China and Venezuela; and dictatorships are run by the communist party in Denmark.
  • Democracy describes how a government is organized and the basic law of the country. Usually requires a large majority of the people to change. Autocracy is similar but can be easily changed or simply ignored by those in power to suit their need.
  • Democracy is elected by the people to hold office for a specific length of time, Autocracy is sometimes by force - one group overthrows another group. Sometimes leadership is inherited as in the case of, the government headed by a king or queen and their sons or daughters become king or queen.
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