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8 November 2023

Shopify Vs Squarespace | Difference | Comparison

Nerdwallet has selected Shopify and Squarespace as the top E-commerce website builders. What is native to each platform versus what requires third-party programs, which adds another level of complexity, is the primary difference between them.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a well-known e-commerce site builder that offers a wide range of marketing choices and a top-notch feature set. Shopify succeeds in up-and-cross-selling opportunities where Volusion fails. In addition, it excels at dropshipping and supports a greater number of dropshipping apps than Volusion. If you choose not to use its built-in payment gateway, there are transaction costs. 

What is Square space?

For consumers who prefer to have everything in one location, Squarespace is a user-friendly website builder. Plan for layouts, site administration, and plugins are all included in subscriptions. There are three levels of e-commerce integrations available from Squarespace.

Shopify Vs Squarespace | Difference between Shopify and Squarespace

  • Shopify is generally more expensive than Squarespace but offers a wider suite of tools and features for your money. Squarespace is cheaper than Shopify but with fewer eCommerce features and more varied pricing packages.
  • Shopify sellers could operate long-term using the comprehensive tools included in the basic plan, the mid-range plan adds better reporting capabilities and automated workflows. Square space is a basic commerce plan that includes only the truly basic e-commerce necessities, Automation is not an option with any plan; users who want access to a more complete set of tools must upgrade to a standard plan.
  • Shopify has ample tools to create a professional store and site, but fewer templates and less polish than Squarespace. Whereas Squarespace is a huge template library, with advanced product display options and additional apps for creating high-quality visual content.
  • Content management isn't the intended strength of the Shopify platform, but it does give users adequate tools to produce content with the help of some of its many integrations. On the other hand, Squarespace is content-ready out of the box with its striking templates, user-friendly coding capabilities, and intuitive UX, it just doesn't come with many options for supplementary marketing and SEO integrations.
  • Shopify support 24/7 customer support is offered via email, live chat, and phone, but not through social media, However, Squarespace offers live chat, social media, and email help around-the-clock; a phone option is not offered.
  • Shopify is used as a massive app market with thousands of sales, marketing fulfillment, store management, and accounting integrations, integrated with Zapier. On the other hand, Squarespace integrates with a handful of platforms and offers a short list of extensions, but nowhere near as robust as Shopify offerings, allowing customer-coded integrations.
  • The website for Shopify is and the website Squarespace is
  • Both Shopify and Squarespace offer unlimited storage, but users must back up their website content manually.
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