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8 November 2023

Shopify vs Volusion | Difference | Comparison

Shopify and Volusion are two online-based product firms that provide businesses with web design, web marketing, and product inventory services. The cost of services, the design, extra services, and years of e-commerce solution development experience are the main differences between Shopify and Volusion.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a well-known e-commerce site builder that offers a wide range of marketing choices and a top-notch feature set. Shopify succeeds in up-and-cross-selling opportunities where Volusion fails. In addition, it excels at dropshipping and supports a greater number of dropshipping apps than Volusion. If you choose not to use its built-in payment gateway, there are transaction costs. 

What is Volusion?

One of the most established and well-known hosted e-commerce platforms is Volusion. While it fell behind Shopify and big e-commerce, it has made significant progress in recent months in terms of selling extras and providing unlimited bandwidth. When everything is considered it is a good platform that provides less expensive options for subscription e-commerce than Shopify.

Shopify Vs Volusion | Difference between Shopify and Volusion

  • Shopify is an online store creation tool that is available to both individuals and corporations. Volusion is one of the oldest e-commerce software development companies and among the first to provide an online shopping cart.
  • The year founded in Shopify is 2004, And the Year founded in Volusion is 1999.
  • Services offered in Shopify are web development, Web design, hosting, order management, and 24/7 Shopify customer services. On the other hand, Volusion offered in service by web development, Marketing, Hosting, order management, and customer service.
  • Entry level price of Shopify is basic $13/month, Whereas the entry-level price of Volusion is Mini $15/month.
  • The premium service option is available in both Shopify and Volusion, but the premium service option is an enterprise solution for $ 249 in Shopify, whereas platinum is for a $195 transaction in Volusion.
  • Unlimited bandwidth in Shopify, whereas there is no bandwidth in Volusion.
  • The credit card fee charge in Shopify is 2.9&+% plus 30 cents per transaction, on the other hand, Volusion is 2.17% per transaction charge in credit card for Volusion.
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