22 August 2022

EBIT vs Revenue | Difference | Comparison

Different metrics aid in understanding various aspects of the business, which in turn aids analyzing the business. So while assessing a company's financial health, we examine many performance criteria. In several types of businesses, some metrics are more relevant in certain types of companies. EBIT stands for earnings before interest and taxes. It is also called profit before interest and taxes. While Revenue is the money a company makes by selling its product and services over a given period of time. Let us debate the EBIT Vs Revenue and understand more about it. 

What is EBIT?

EBIT name called earnings before interest and taxes, EBIT as the name suggests is the operating income or operating profit of the business prior to deducting the interest and tax payments. By computing for EBIT individuals who are interested in the assessment of the company's profitability may establish if the company's main business is effective and capable of generating profits. EBIT can be calculated by deducting tax and interest from net income.

What is Revenue?

Revenue and business sales or turnover are the same thing. It is a metric used to assess how well a company's operations function during a specific time period. Revenue is calculated by multiplying the average sales price of a product by the quantity sold. Revenue is the sum that a firm produces through its regular business activities.

EBIT vs Revenue | Difference between EBIT and Revenue:


EBIT  is a measure of company profit that help analyze the efficiency of its core operations, while Revenue is the most commonly used metric to calculate company financial performance.


Total Revenue = Total number of good sold * Average price per good sold

EBIT = Net Profits + Interest + Taxes

EBIT = Revenue - Operating Expenses


EBIT serves as a statistic for calculating a company operating income and illustrates the contribution of each dollar produced to operating income. Revenue offer businesses a clue as to how well they are doing based on the expansion of their sales. The income statement reported revenue serves as the starting point for deducting the company costs.


EBIT and revenue are both crucial financial indicators for a business. EBIT is a statistic used to calculate a company operating income. Revenue represents a company's financial development and success over a certain time period based on the goods and services they have produced. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on Difference between EBIT and Revenue then please ask us in the comment section below. 

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