16 September 2022

Trello Vs Notion | Difference | Comparison

Two great apps but which is the best? The solution entirely depends on how each program will be used. Trello is fanstsci project management . While the notion is an excellent all-around tool for a wide range of tasks other than project management. If you are looking solely for a project management tool, Trello is probably better than a notion. On the other hand, is likely to suit the bill if you are searching for a solution that can handle more than simply project management. If you are having trouble deciding the difference between Trello Vs Notion, read the comparison below to find the best project management tool for your team.

What is Trello? 

Trello is a very popular, star forward, and straightforward collaboration application that allows you to organize projects and everything associated with them into boards. Trello is a team project management program that allows you to track team projects, highlight ongoing tasks, see who they are allocated to, and measure progress toward completion.

What is Notion?

A notion is a productivity tool that combines all project management applications in one place, allowing the user to create their own system, applications, team tasks, documents, wikis, meeting notes, research databases, and roadmaps. It enables customers to tailor the features to their preferences, making work easier and more efficient.

A notion is a management tool that can be used for any task that necessitates planning, scheduling, reviewing, and rechecking. It includes spreadsheets, calendars, blocks, tables, dashboards, databases, checklists, and many other features. It has a YouTube channel where the company or user who has used the software shares their experiences with it. It has a referral program that allows you to use the software for two months for free. 

Trello Vs Notion | Difference between Trello and Notion:

  • The notion was developed by notion labs inc. and was founded by Ivan Zhao who is also its CEO. Atlassian created Trello, although its original authors are Joel Spolsky and Michael Pryor 
  • Trello's regular account includes 250 MB of file storage. The notion, on the other hand, allows for limitless file uploads for a fee.
  • The notion is located in san Francisco, and Trello is located in new york city. 
  • The notion can work on various operating systems, such as Windows OS, Mac OS, Android, and Web. Whereas Trello works well on windows OS, Android 5.1+, and the web. 
  • The main function of the notion is wiki and note-taking as it is a file management tool. The main function of Trello is team collaboration, task and project management, productivity software, etc as it is list making app.
  • Trello is a kanban-based project management tool, whereas the idea is a complete and dynamic content platform. 
  • Notion relies on templates to get started, whereas Trello uses kanban to move tasks through pipelines as the project progresses. 
  • Trello integrates seamlessly with your team's favorite apps such as Slack, dropbox, outlook, gmails, salesforces, invasion, and Jira. The notion works with a plethora of apps to help you streamline your everyday process. For example, it easily connects with web and email tools like Gmail and googles drive. 
Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on Trello Vs Notion then please ask us in the comment section below. 

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