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16 September 2022

Component testing Vs Unit testing | Difference | Comparison

What's the difference between a component test and a unit test? Based o the numerous factor, we will explore the difference between component testing and unit testing. As we saw in the last part on software testing. Each form of software testing has its own set of capabilities and capabilities for testing the application or program. Before delving into the difference between component testing and unit testing. Here we have to compare Component testing Vs Unit testing to better understand more about it. 

What is Unit testing?

Develo[per run unit test to validate the functionality of the piece of code also known as module or component. It is a testing technique used to evaluate the readiness of individual pieces of the source. Since bugs are found in the early stages of the development lifecycle, it helps to lower the cost of bug repairs.

What is Component testing?

Component testing is a sort of software testing that evaluates the usability of each individual component. Along with the usability test, each individual component is also evaluated behaviorally. To carry out this sort of testing, each component must be in an independent and controlled condition. Each component of the software should be understandable to the user. 

Component testing Vs Unit testing | Difference between component testing and unit testing:

  • Component testing is executed at the application level, while unit testing is executed at a granular level.
  • Component testing is a type of black box testing whereas unit testing is a part of white box testing.
  • Component testing by the testing team. While the unit testing is performed by the development team. 
  • Component testing is testing performed by validating use cases and test requirements. While unit testing we will test the application in contradiction to the design documents. 
  • When we performed component testing, the test engineer does not become aware of the internal planning of the software. Whereas when we performed the unit testing the developer was aware of the internal planning of the software. 
  • In component testing, all the modules/components of the related software are checked individually with or without segregation from other objects or modules of the system. While unit testing is tested if a separate program or code is getting performed according to the particular requirement. 
  • component testing, the tester doesn't know the internal architecture of the software. Unit testing is a tester knows the internal design of the software. 
  • Component testing is performed once the unit testing is performed. Unit testing is performed before the component testing. 
  • Detection of defects is a little difficult as compared to unit testing. While the detection of defects is easy in unit testing.
  • Component testing is appropriate for small applications. Unit testing is appropriate for large-scale applications because of its flexibility and ease to use. 
  • Component tests provide a more comprehensive picture of the application. While in unit testing granularity results of the unit test may not accurately reflect an application's actual behavior in practice. 
Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on set Component testing Vs Unit testing then please ask us in the comment section below.

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