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23 February 2023

Use case Vs Test case | Difference | Comparison

In the context of software testing, two key concepts are the use case and the test case. A use case describes how a system would behave or accomplish a specific job under certain conditions. Whereas a test case provides actual test data, a set of instructions to the system, and the expected result of the interaction with the system. Let us discuss some more differences between Use Case Vs Test Case with the help of the comparison given below.

What is the Use case?

A use case is a set of activities made by a specific actor in order to achieve a goal through interacting with the system. The actor is a human or external program that mimics an end-user interaction. In addition to being stated in a paper, use cases are illustrated with an overview diagram to aid in understanding the process. The diagram should include all of the components that are involved in communicating with the system. Among the diagrams, components are several actors, a list of activities, linkages between them, and so on. 

What is Test Case?

A test case is software testing, and a test case is a document that provides the procedures that must be completed in order to test the software product. It is mostly used to test any specific function or component of the generated program. After testing, indicate that a requirement has been completely met. A test case is a set of conditions that the tester uses to test the application and determine if the functionality is partially or totally met. In other words, a test case is the test's what.

Use case Vs Test case | Difference between use case and test case 

  • The objective of the use case is to ascertain a certain output after the set of operations. The objective of the test case is to ensure that the system is working fine for each given instruction and yields the required result.
  • The use case is a representation of actions that describes the behaviors of the system to do a particular task. While the test case contains the test data, a set of instructions to follow, and the results of following the instructions.
  • Business users execute the Use case, while testers execute test cases.
  • Use cases are prepared on requirements. Test cases are prepared on use cases.
  • Use case required document. While in test case required test data and a test script.
  • The output end result is important and all steps are to be executed together in a use case. While all steps are important and may have a separate result in the test case.
  • Use case follows a different path. While a test case follows a single test case is tested at a time.
  • Use case results are not verified. Test case results are verified, it checks if the result that shows in use cases is functioning properly or not.
  • The goal of the use case is to reach the last operation following all sequential operations. While the test case is validating whether the software is working fine or not.
  • The use case is working as following the step-by-step function ability of the software. While in the test case is working with the help of testers to validate the software.
  • The end user executes the use cases. While testers execute the test cases. 
  • The root of the use case is the requirement of the business. The root of the test case is the framework of the use case.
  • Use case managed by the diagram, where client requirements are shown clearly. The diagram can't show the result here. Here the main thing is the function tests, which are documented in Excel.
  • The use case mostly interacts with the user. While the test case interacts with the results.
Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on the Difference between the Use case and Test case then please ask us in the comment section below.

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