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15 September 2022

Test plan Vs Test Strategy | Difference | Comparison

We shall examine the difference between a test strategy and a test plan in this article. Let's first briefly examine the specific ideas of test plans and test strategies before studying how they differ from one another. Test strategy vs test plan will be asked of you in the majority of interviews. We will outline 12 key differences between a test strategy and a test plan in this post. Let us debate Test Plan Vs Test Strategy to better understand more about it. 

What is a Test Plan?

A test plan document outlines the testing procedure to be followed in order to deliver a high-quality product. For all upcoming activities, the test plan document is derived from the product description, SRS, or use case papers. The purpose of the document, which is typically created by the test lead or test manager, is to outline what should be tested, what shouldn't be tested, how to test, when to test, and who will perform which test. It also covers the necessary environment and tools and a contingency plan. A test plan is a living document that needs to be updated often. The test plan paper outlines how the testing process should proceed. The test plan is the only thing that can guarantee the testing project's success.

What is a Test Strategy?
A project manager often creates the high-level, static document known as the test strategy. It is a document that captures the methodology used to test the product and accomplish the objectives. The business requirement specification is often where it is developed. This document serves as the foundation for other documents, such as test plans. 

Test plan Vs Test Strategy | Difference between test plan and test strategy:

  • A test plan can be defined as a document for a software project which defines the approach, scope, and intensity of the effort of software testing. A test strategy is a set of instructions or protocols which explain the test design and determine how the test should be performed. 
  • The test plan narrates the specification, Test strategy narrates the general approaches.
  • A test plan can be changed, test strategy can't be changed. 
  • A test plan exists individually. In a smaller project, a test strategy is often found as a section of a test plan. 
  • The test plan describes the details. Test strategy describes the general methodologies. 
  • To identify the risks, test planning is done to identify potential problems and dependencies. While the test strategy is a long-term plan of action. You can abstract information that is not project-specific and put it into a test approach.  
  • The test manager or administrator creates a test plan. While the test strategy is done by the project manager. 
  • A test plan is at the project level. Test strategy is a set of organization levels that can be used by multiple projects.
  • A test plan is based on the testing strategies. While test strategy is based upon the pre-defined standard. 
  • A test plan is an essential objective of how to test when to test, and who will confirm it. While the test strategy has the essential objective of what approach to pursue and which module to check. 
  • Level-specific, type-specific, and master test plans are examples of test plans. While the different types of strategies are model-based, analytical, methodical, reactive, standard-compliant, consultative, and regression-averse strategy.  
  • Components of the test plan include test plan id, features to be tested, test technique, testing tasks, features pass or fail criteria, test deliverable, responsibilities, schedules, etc. While the component of the test strategy includes objectives and scope, documentation for test processes, team reporting structure, client communication strategy, etc.  
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