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21 March 2023

RPA Vs IPA | Difference | Comparison

Despite similarities in appearance, RPA and IPA differ greatly in terms of functionality and degree of automation. RPA conducts extensive enterprise or process data analysis to initiate new activities, send out notifications, and communicate with other business systems. These bots automate routine business tasks entirely on the basis of rules. RPA doesn't involve any judgement or intelligence. Let us discuss some more differences between RPA Vs IPA with the help of the comparison given below.

What is RPA?

RPA is a tool for business automation that helps to automate time-consuming and laborious processes. It is possible to automate processes without involving people. Automation replaces the need for human intervention in the process. Software and bots may be able to mimic human behaviour and complete the necessary tasks. This technique is frequently used to automate backend processes.

What is IPA?

Business process automation is referred to as intelligent process automation(IPA). The term IPA, which stands for intelligent process automation, refers to a group of cutting-edge, modern technologies, including RPA, AI, and machine learning, that empower organisations to automate processes by getting rid of tedious, repetitive, and traditional operations. IPA is a subset of RPA that combine machine learning, RPA and fundamental process reform.

RPA Vs IPA | Difference between RPA and IPA

  • RPA stands for robotic process automation, While IPA stands for Intelligent Process Automation.
  • RPA refers to operating system robots or bots that can automate human actions or behaviours in the workforce. Instead of just automating routine tasks, IPA is a technology that combines RPA and AI to handle more complex processes.
  • RPA aids in the automation of high-volume procedures that were previously handled by humans, but to fulfil the tough demand, IPA adds a level of decision-making to the process.
  • Because IPA automates more tasks and processes, It can reduce your overall costs and workloads.
  • Artificial intelligence, workflow automation, and screen scraping are the three main technologies that gave rise to RPA. On the other hand, natural language processing(NLP), machine learning, data extraction, and artificial intelligence(AI) are some of the revolutionary, new technologies to RPA by IPA.
  • With IPA, Faster process automation and more accuracy than with RPA.
Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind about the Difference between RPA and IPA then please ask us in the comment section below.

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