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6 May 2024

Chrome OS Vs MAC OS | Difference | Comparison

Chrome OS and MAC OS are both popular desktop operating system. So here article information about the difference between Chrome OS and MAC OS, but let's first check it out what is Chrome OS and MAC OS?

What is Chrome OS?

Google developed chrome OS with focus on simplicity in computing. It priorities cloud based apps and services and is mostly focused on the chrome browser. The primary design is based on the google chrome web browser. C, C++, JavaScript, HTML5, Python and rust were used in its development. Google released the original OS version in 2009. Chromebook, a type of personal computer, use it.

What is MAC OS?

Apple computers run MACOS, an operating system that is well known for its elegant design, seamless hardware integration and carefully chosen app ecosystem. It can only be found on apple products, including MacBook Netbooks. Its foundation is in the UNIX operating system. Assembly language, C, C++, objective-C and swift were used in its development. Apple released the originals MACOS version in 2001. 

Chrome OS Vs MAC OS | Difference between Chrome OS and MAC OS 

  1. Developed: Chrome OS was developed and is owned by Google LLC, Whereas MAC OS was developed and is owned by apple incorporation.
  2. Launched: Chrome OS was launched in 2009 while MAC OS was launched in 2001.
  3. Target System: Chrome OS is target system types are Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromebase and tablets. while in MAC OS target system types are workstation, personal computers and embedded systems.
  4. Kernel type: Chrome OS kernel type is monolithic with modules, while the kernel type of MAC OS is hybrid with modules.
  5. Native API: Chrome OS native APIs are SysV/POSIX, but the MAC OS native APIs are carbon, cocoa, Java and BSD-POSIX. 
  6. Computer architecture: Computer architecture supported by chrome OS are ARM, IA-32, and x86-64, but the MAC OS computer architectures supported by MACOS are x86-64, IA-32 and power PC.
  7. Preferred License: Chrome OS has preferred license proprietary, whereas MAC OS has the preferred license of proprietary, APSL, and GNU GPL.
  8. Package management: Chrome OS package management is portage, on the other hand MAC OS package management is MAC OS installer. 
  9. Designed: Chrome OS is specifically designed for Chromebook, but MACOS is specifically designed for MacBook. 
  10. Non-Native API: Chrome OS the non native APIs are not supported by its subsystems, while in MAC OS the non native APIs supported by its subsystems are toolbox, Win16 and Win32.

Both Chrome OS and MAC OS are desktop operating systems. There are different command options for Chrome OS and MAC OS. If you know how to use one, it would be easy to use another. Both Chrome OS and MAC OS have a graphical user interface(GUI) that is easy to use and navigate. 

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