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29 April 2024

UNIX Vs DOS | Difference | Comparison

In this article, We will discuss about the Difference between UNIX and DOS operating System. 

What is UNIX?

UNIX is multi user and multitasking operating system. It was developed in the 1960s by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and other AT&T bell laborites. UNIX is a stable, secure, multi user, multitasking system for servers, laptops and computers. 

Features of UNIX:

There are various features of  UNIX. Following are the Features of UNIX.
  • UNIX is a multitasking operating system.
  • UNIX is free.
  • It has powerful command line interface.
  • It is freely available for all.
  • Its provides various types of tools.
  • UNIX is robust security features.
  • It is highly scalable.
  • It is stable database access.
  • UNIX support communication method using write command.
  • It is better handling of internet and intranet in servers.
  • UNIX is used in wide variety of platform.
  • It has hierarchical file system. 
Advantages of UNIX:
  • UNIX has robust security modal.
  • UNIX is a portable operating system.
  • It offer a multitude of tools.
  • Better performance and stable database access.
  • It is most stable operating system.
  • It has command line interface, it allow powerful and efficient interaction with a system.
Disadvantages of UNIX:
  • UNIX need some variants most memory usage.
  • The user interface lacks visual appeal.
  • Certain UNIX versions need memory use.
  • Some drivers for software are not available.
  • UNIX's user interface is not very appealing.
  • It is more difficult to learn than windows, MS-DOS and macOS.
  • Some drivers are not available for the software.
What is DOS?

DOS stands for Disk operating's system. DOS is computer operating system which is read from disc storage device such as floppy discs or hard disc. It is single user process that give complete control of the computer to the user program. It was developed in 1980 TIM Patterson. Later Microsoft purchased this and released MS-DOS in 1981.

Features of DOS:

There are various features of Disc operating systems(DOS). Following are the Features of DOS.
  • DOS is a 16 bit OS.
  • It is free OS.
  • It is single user operating system.
  • It has a single user OS.
  • It doesn't support GUI.
  • maximum space available is 2GB.
  • It aids make file management.
  • DOS has a text based interface and operates completely on text and codes.
  • It is character based interface system.
Advantages of DOS:
  1. It is simple and Easy to use.
  2. DOS is open source license software.
  3. DOS are consume less power and memory.
  4. It has command line operating system. 
Disadvantages of DOS:
  • It has fewer security features.
  • It has limited multitasking capabilities.
  • It has limited file system capabilities.
  • It has limited  support for modern hardware and software.
  • No support for networking or internet connectivity.

UNIX Vs DOS | Difference between UNIX and DOS

Some of the main Difference between UNIX and DOS operating system are as follows:

  1. Full form: UNIX actually refers to the word UNICS that stands for UNIplexed Information Computing System, Whereas DOS stands for Disc Operating System.
  2. Developed in: UNIX is developed in 1971, whereas DOS is developed in 1981.
  3. OS: UNIX is multitasking OS, but DOS is a single command line OS.
  4. Case Sensitivity: UNIX is case sensitive, DOS is not case sensitive.
  5. System supported: UNIX is used all types of computer systems, whereas DOS is only used in x86 based computer systems.
  6. Path Separator: UNIX uses forward slash, DOS uses backward slash it. 
  7. Interface: UNIX supports few GUI features, DOS is command line operating system.
  8. Languages: UNIX is written is C and assembly languages, whereas DOS is written in C and x86 assembly languages. 
  9. Usage: UNIX is used in server and some mobile, On the other hand, DOS is used in embedded systems.
  10. Files: UNIX operating system contains shell files, but DOS contains batch files.
  11. Native support: UNIX come with built in support for IP networks, DOS has no native support for IP networks.
  12. Internet: UNIX supports networking, But the DOS doesn't support networking.
  13. Memory: UNIX has virtual and protected memory, Whereas DOS doesn't have virtual and protected memory.
  14. Power Usage: UNIX consume more power, In contrast, DOS consume less power.
  15.  Version: UNIX has number of proprietary and free version, DOS has three proprietary versions ( MS DOS, IBM DOS and DR-DOS) and free version(Free DOS).
  16. Path Generator: UNIX uses forward slash, DOS uses backward slash.
  17. Security: UNIX is more secured than DOS, DOS doesn't provide any inbuilt security features.
  18. Run on: UNIX support multi user, it designed to run on a network of computer, DOS is designed to run only a single computer.

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