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27 February 2024

AIX VS Solaris | Difference | Comparison

The differences between the AIX and Solaris operating systems are covered in this article. AIX and Solaris both are Unix-based operating systems. AIX commands don't change as frequently as Solaris, it is easier for administrators to use. Additionally, Solaris has better security and patching capabilities and is more scalable. AIX is more stable than salaries.  But first, you need to be familiar with the AIX and Solaris operating systems before talking about the differences.

What is the AIX operating system?

The AIX stands for Advanced Interactive eXecutive. One of the proprietary OS series is IBM's AIX. It was developed mainly for the RIS workstation IBM RT PC. Later, it worked on many hardware platforms, including PS-2 personal computers, and Power PC-based approaches. The IBM RS/600 series, system 370 mainframes, and Apple network server. It i a commercial operating system that has been certified to UNIX 03 by the open group. The most recent stable version of AIX is 7.2, while the first version was released in 1986.

What is the Solaris Operating system?

Oracle Corporation offers a proprietary operating system called Solaris. It is an operating system similar to UNIX. It is written in both C and C++. It uses both closed and open-source or mixed-source methods. Sun Microsystems was the original developer of it, and Oracle Corporation acquired it in 2010. 1992 was the release of Solari's first version. This operating system uses a monolithic kernel with dynamically loadable modules.

AIX VS Solaris | Difference between AIX and Solaris

There is a difference between AIX and Solaris operating systems are as follows:

  1. Developed: AIX was developed by IBM, whereas Solaris was developed by Sun Microsystems.
  2. Released: AIX was first released in 1986, while the Solaris operating system was first released in 1992.
  3. Owned By: AIX was owned by IBM, while Solaris was owned by the Oracle Corporation.
  4. Proprietary OS: IBM's AIX operating system is a series of proprietary OS, whereas Solaris is a proprietary OS which is offered by Oracle Corporation.
  5. Targeted operating system: AIX's targeted operating system types are server, NAS, and workstation, In contrast, Solaris's Targeted operating system types are server and workstation.
  6. Kernel type: In AIX Kernel type is monolithic with modules, But in Solaris, the kernel type is monolithic with dynamically loadable modules.
  7. Application data integrity(ADI): Another difference is that AIX operating doesn't support real-time application data integrity(ADI), while the Solaris operating system supports real-time application data integrity(ADI).
  8. Update Management: In AIX Update management is service update management assistant(SUMA), whereas Solaris update management is the image packaging system.
  9. File system: The file system of AIX supports JFS, UDF, JFS2, SMBFS, ISO 9660, NFS, and GPFS, On the other hand, Solaris supports  UFS, and ISO 9660. UDF, ZFS, NFS, QFS, FAT and ext2.
  10. Supports: AIX supports power, Power ISA, Power PC-AS, and Power PC, Solaris supports IA-32, SPARC, and x86-64.
  11. Native APIs: AIX supports SysV/POSIX native APIs, While Solaris Offers SysV/POSIX, GTK, and Java native APIs.
Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on the AIX VS Solaris then please ask us in the comment section below.

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