21 June 2024

UNIX Vs Linux | Difference | Comparison

Both Unix and Linux are popular operating systems that let you do specialized jobs and multitasking. Let's explore some of the most important difference between Linux and Unix in this post. 

What is UNIX?

Unix is a powerful and multitasking operating system that behaves like a bridge between the user and the computer. It is portable, multi user, bug fixing operating system. This operating system was launched in 1960 and was released by AT & T labs. Is is used in web servers, workstations, and PCs. 

What is Linux?

Linux is open source operating system developed in 1991. Linux Torvalds introduced this operating system in 1991 at the university of Helsinki. It is utilized for mainframes, game development, computer hardware, and software. This operating system come with a number of software features that manage computer resources. 

UNIX Vs Linux | Difference between UNIX and Linux

1. Origins

Linux was developed in the 1990s by Linus Torvalds as a free and open source alternative to Unix, Where's Unix was developed in the 1970s at bell Labs.

2. Definition

Unix is an operating system which can be only used by its copyrighters, Linux is an open source operating system which is freely available to everyone.

3. Users

IBM AIX, HP-UX and sun Solaris are example of UNIX, Ubuntu, Redhat, fedora are example of Linux.

4. Licensing

Unix is a proprietary operating system, meaning that it require a license to use, on the other hand, Linux is open source software and can be used freely without any licensing fees. 

5. Coding

Unix contain completely difference coding developed by AT & T labs, whereas Linux is a Unix clone, behaves like Unix but doesn't contain its code.

6. Kernels

Unix is similar design but larger and more complex than the Linux kernel, on the other hand, Linux have a similar design but are less complex than the UNIX hold up that kernel. 

7. Security

Unix is highly secured, Linux provides higher security.

8. Interface

Unix is originally used Bourne shell. But is also compatible with other GUIs. On the other hand, Linux is default interface is BASH(Bourne Again Shell). But some distros have developed their own interfaces.

9. Source code availability

In Unix source is not accessible to the general public, whereas In Linux source is accessible to the general public.

10. Operating system

Unix is complete package of operating system, Linux is just the kernel. 

11. Graphical user interface

UNIX was a command based OS, however GUI was created called common desktop environment. Most distribution now ship with gnome, on the other hand, Linux provides two GUI, KDE, and Gnome. But there are many other options. For example, LXDE, Xfce, Unity, Mate, and so on.

12. Price

Unix is not totally free. There are some Unix versions that are free, other than that UNIX is expensive. Whereas Linux is free and its corporate support is available at a price. 

13. Virus Threats

In Unix has about 85-120 viruses listed to date, but the Linux has about 60-100 viruses listed to date. 

14. File System Supports

In Unix File system supports -  jfs, gpfs, hfs, hfs+, ufs, xfs, zfs while the Linux files system are, ext2, ext3, ext4, jfs, reiserFS, Xfs, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Btrfs. 

15. User Case

Unix is used on servers, Workstations and PCs, whereas Linux is used everywhere from server, PCs, smartphones, tablets to mainframes. 

16. Written In 

Unix is written in C and Assembly language, Linux is C and other programming language. 

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