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25 August 2022

Pilot testing Vs Beta testing | Difference | Comparison

Pilot testing and beta testing are different in that the former only involves utilizing the product whereas beta testing involves installing the product at the end user to see whether it can be used in production. Let us debate Pilot Testing Vs Beta Testing to better understand more about it. 

What is Pilot testing?

Prior to the software's official launch or deployment, a pilot testing phase is conducted in which a group of users uses the program in its entirety. With the help of this testing, a system's individual parts or the complete system is verified in real-world situations. A research project's time, cost, risk, and performance are all to be assessed as part of the pilot testing process. 

What is Beta Testing?

Beta Testing is carried out by actual users of the software program in a genuine setting. One sort of user acceptance testing is beta testing. A small group of the product end consumers is given access to the beta version of the program. Which needs their feedback, in ordr to get feedback on the product quality. Through customer validation, beta testing increases quality while reducing the likelihood of product failure. 

Pilot testing Vs Beta testing | Difference between Pilot testing and Beta testing:

  • Pilot testing is performed to verify the entire system and its components. Beta testing is performed to minimize the failure risks.
  • Pilot testing is performed by selected users. Beta testing is performed by end users.
  • Pilot testing is performed in the user environment. Beta testing is performed in a development environment. 
  • Pilot testing is performed before the launch of the product in the market. Beta testing is performed after the launch of the product.
  • Pilot testing is done before beta testing, and Beta testing is done after pilot testing.
  • Pilot testing requires an environment or lab. Beta testing doesn't require an environment or lab.
  • In pilot testing, feedback comes from some selected users. In beta testing feedback comes from customers directly.
  • Pilot testing is done exactly between the UAT and production. Beta testing is done exactly after production.
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