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6 September 2022

System testing Vs Integration testing | Difference | Comparison

In system testing, the entire application is examined for compliance with both functional and non-functional requirements. In contrast, integration testing involves examining the interfaces between modules that are connected to one another. Let us debate system testing Vs integration testing to better understand more about it. 

What is System testing?

System testing is done to determine whether or not the software or product satisfies the requirement. Both developers and testers carry it out. It includes system testing and integration testing. Most positive and negative test scenarios are used to accomplish this.

What is Integration Testing?

The connection and interfaces between the various components are also looked at, and the software modules are tested together. The operations at the project level for integrating the individual constituent must be coordinated. For the defined integration of early bug detection, the integration, and integration must follow a building plan. |But unlike a system tester, an integration tester needs to know to program. 

System testing Vs Integration testing | Difference between system testing and integration testing:

  • System testing is testing the completed product to check if it meets the specification requirement. Integration testing is the testing of the collection and interface modules to check whether they give the expected.
  • System testing is high-level testing performed after integration testing. Integration testing is low-level testing performed after unit testing.
  • Both functional testing and nonfunctional testing are covered like sanity, usability, performance, stress, and load. While Integration testing is only functional testing performed to check whether the two modules when combined correct outcome.
  • System testing is a black box technique so no knowledge of internal structure or code is required. Integration testing is both a black box and white box testing approach so it requires knowledge of the two modules and the interface. 
  • System testing is performed by test engineers only. Integration testing is performed by developers as well as test engineers.
  • The test cases used in system testing are created to mimic real-world situations. Integration testing is the test case developed to simulate the interaction between the two modules.
  • System testing is performed on the system as a whole including all the external interfaces, so any defect found in its regarded as a defect of the whole system. Integration testing is performed on the interface between individual modules thus any defect found is only for individual modules and not the entire system.
  • System testing encompasses a wide range of testing types, including performance, sanity, usability, maintenance, regression, and retesting. Integration testing techniques include the big bang approach, top-bottom, bottom-to-top, and sandwich approach. 
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