1 September 2022

Unit testing Vs Functional testing | Difference | Comparison

Although I would only discuss unit testing vs functional testing in this blog. Here is a little scenario to help you understand the fundamental difference between unit testing and functional testing. Let us debate Unit testing Vs Functional testing to better understand more about it.

What is Unit testing?

An individual piece of code is tested separately as part of the software testing technique known as unit testing. Unit testing is used to locate the smallest tested components of an API and ensure that they operate correctly when left alone. A unit test can validate various systems under test behavior, but its primary purpose is to ensure that the SUT yields accurate findings. unit-testing entails separating an application's tiniest testable components into independent, verifiable units. It is a crucial stage in the creation of software. Unit testing makes it easier to isolate particular codes and assess if the unit performs as planned. The objective is to make it easier to uncover and correct code vulnerabilities that may be difficult to find and locate during subsequent testing phases. 

What is Functional Testing?

Functional testing enables the assurance that every aspect of an application performs as intended. It entails assessing each function against the pertinent requirements to see if the output meets end-user expectations. By offering sample input, function testing can be put into practice. After that, you record the output that was produced and compare them to what was anticipated. 

Unit testing Vs Functional testing | Difference between Unit testing and Functional testing 

  • Unit testing the internal code of every unit separately, unit by unit separately, unit by unit, to make sure there are no bugs in the code. While the functional testing of the system to check if the software is working properly and to understand if the software meets the business and user requirements.
  • Unit test is executed by developers, and Functional testing is executed by QA testers and test engineers.
  • Unit test is quick and easy to execute. A functional test is a slower and more complex to execute.
  • The technique used in unit testing is white box testing, while in functional testing the technique is used black box testing.
  • Unit test is the early stage of the SDLC. While after the development stage is over in the SDLC in functional testing.
  • Unit test is only automated testing. While functional testing can be manual or automated testing.
  • Unit testing is easy to find in the unit code, improving the internal code and serving as documentation about a unit and its interface. While functional test helps to guarantee the software is functioning as it is expected to, ensures that all the business and user requirements are fully met, Allow the detection of bugs and defects in the functioning aspect.
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