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24 August 2022

System testing Vs Acceptance testing | Difference | Comparison

There are numerous stages in the software testing life cycle. The application testing step includes system testing and acceptance testing. System testing and system integration testing make up the system(SIT). Before the beta and alpha releases of the program, the application is system tested the first ad then acceptability tested. Let us debate the System testing Vs Acceptance testing to better understand more about it.  

What is System testing?

System testing is done to determine whether or not the software or product satisfies the requirement. Both developers and testers carry it out. It includes system testing and integration testing. More positive and negative test scenarios are used to accomplish this. 

What is Acceptance testing?

Another type of software testing that the client conducts before approving the finished product is acceptance testing, sometimes known as user acceptability testing(UAT). Acceptance testing is typically done to determine whether an application complies with the given business criteria or real-world scenarios. 

System testing Vs Acceptance testing:

  • System testing is done to determine whether or not the program or product complies with the requirements. Acceptance testing is the type of testing which is used to check whether the software meets the customer's requirement or not.
  • Both developers and testers utilize system testing. Acceptance testing is used by teachers, stakeholders as well as clients.
  • System testing is both functional and non-functional testing. Acceptance testing is only functional testing. 
  • Both positive and negative test cases are included in system testing. Acceptance testing is the constitute of positive test cases. 
  • System testing is done before the acceptance testing. Acceptance testing is done after the system testing.
  • System testing is made up of integration testing and system testing. Alpha and beta testing are the components of acceptance testing.
  • Priorities can be used to correct the flaws discovered during system testing. The defects found in acceptance testing are taken as failure products.
  • In system testing, the system is checked for dummy inputs. In acceptance testing, the system is checked for random inputs. 
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