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6 September 2022

Unit testing Vs Integration testing | Difference | Comparsion

Software applications are typically not created by a single developer during the software development life cycle. The software application is broken up into various modules, each of which is assigned to a different them of developers. Unit testing is the process of functionality testing a module that a developer has created, integration testing must be done after all modules have been produced and integrated with one another in order to identify any problem that may occur when the various modules work together to create the overall system. Let us debate Unit testing Vs Integration testing to better understand more about it. 

What is Unit testing?

Develo[per run unit test to validate the functionality of the piece of code also known as module or component. It is a testing technique used to evaluate the readiness of individual pieces of the source. Since bugs are found in the early stages of the development lifecycle, it helps to lower the cost of bug repairs. 

What is Integration Testing?

The connection and interfaces between the various components are also looked at, and the software modules are tested together. The operations at the project level for integrating the individual constituent must be coordinated. For the defined integration of early bug detection, the integration, and integration must follow a building plan. |But unlike a system tester, an integration tester needs to know to program.

Unit testing Vs Integration testing | Difference between unit testing and integration testing:

  • Unit testing is each module of the software is tested separately. While the integration testing, all modules of the software are tested combined.
  • The unit testing tester knows the internal design of the software. Integration testing doesn't know the internal design of the software.
  • Unit testing is white box testing. Integration testing is black box testing.
  • All other testing procedures are carried out after unit testing. Integration testing is performed after testing and before system testing. 
  • Maintenance of cost-effectiveness in unit testing on the other hand maintenance is expensive in integration testing.
  • Module specification is done initially in unit testing. The interface specification is done initially in integration testing. 
  • Unit testing is performed by the developer, and Integration testing is performed by the tester.
  • Detection of defects in unit testing is easy. Integration testing makes it challenging to find flaws.
  • Unit tests are easier to write. Integration tests are harder to write.
  • Unit testing is less costly, and integration testing is more costly.
  • In the unit, testing tests parts of the project without waiting for others to be completed. While integration testing tests only after the completion of all parts.
  • Unit testing results in in-depth exposure to the code. While integration testing results in the integration structure detailed visibility. 
  • In unit testing Fast execution as compared to integration testing. While in integration and testing speed is slow because of the integration module.
  • Only observing the functionality of the individual units is the responsibility of unit testing. Error detection takes place when modules are integrated to create an overall system n integration system.
  • Every time you check in or commit to the main branch, the CI server executes the unit test suite. The CI server might run integration tests less often, as they need a more involved setup process and are slower to run. 
  • Unit tests provide precise feedback, and Integration test provide less precise feedback.
  • Unit testing does not guarantee that your code will function correctly when it has external dependencies. Integration testing ensures that your code interacts with external dependencies correctly.
  • Developers commonly perform unit tests on their computers. Less frequently or never, developers do integration tests on their workstations.
Thanks for reading the article. Still, if you have any questions or queries in your mind on Unit testing Vs Integration testing then please ask us in the comment section below.

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