3 July 2024

Windows Vs Ubuntu | Difference | Comparison

Popular operating systems ubuntu and windows both meet various user demands and preferences. Despite having features in common, the two operating system differed in a few significant ways. Factors like program compatibility, user interface, customization possibilities and user experience can all be impacted by these variations.

Windows Vs Ubuntu   Difference between windows and Ubuntu

1. Developed

Windows operating system is developed by Microsoft, while Ubuntu operating system is developed by canonical Ltd. Ubuntu operating system is developed by canonical Ltd. 

2. Released

Windows is developed in November 1985 and windows 10 released on july 2015, on the other hand, ubuntu is developed in October 2024.

3. Software

Windows is a closed source software, while in Ubuntu is an open source software.

4. License

In user need to purchase a license to use windows. But in Ubuntu user do not need to purchase any license. 

5. Kernel Type

Kernel Type of windows is Hybrid, Kernel Type of Ubuntu is Monolithic.

6. Default user interface

Default user interface in windows in windows shell, Default user interface in Ubuntu is  Ubuntu unity and GNOME. 

7. Resources

Windows uses more resources than Ubuntu, Ubuntu uses less resources than windows.

8. Usability

Windows is easy to learn and use, Ubuntu is not easy to use as compared to windows.

9. Customization

Windows is less customization option, Ubuntu is more customization option. 

10. Gaming

For gaming purpose windows is better than Ubuntu, on the other hand, gaming purpose ubuntu is not so good like windows.

11. Privacy

Windows is less privacy focused than Ubuntu, while in ubuntu is more privacy focused than Windows. 

12. Performance

In windows, performance is less than the performance of Ubuntu, 

13. Cost

Cost of Windows is paid, cost of Ubuntu software is free.

14. Secure

Windows is less secure than ubuntu, Ubuntu is more secure than windows.

15. Programming

Programming is easy but not as easy as it is in ubuntu, But, Programming is quit easy in ubuntu.

16. Adobe and Photoshop

Adobe and Photoshop are supported in windows, Adobe and Photoshop are not supported in Ubuntu.

17. Virus Attacks

Virus Attacks are very common in windows, In ubuntu  less chance  of  Virus Attacks.


In the end, the decision between Windows and ubuntu is based on personal tasters, needs and operating system familiarity. Ubuntu offer greater flexibility, resources efficiency, and customization choices than windows, which excels in programmers compatibility and user friendliness. 

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